Nordics Education provides innovative educational services for both highly qualified students and accredited Nordic-focused educational institutions who are interested in promoting and expanding their presence in Vietnam and Asia. Our proven reputation and experiences can help you sketch innovative and effective international recruitment strategies, especially with international/Vietnamese students, and assist you in achieving your other international education goals in Vietnam and Asia.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Study in Nordics Consultation Services

Nordics Education is a full-service education agency for students and parents who are interested in studying in Nordic countries. We occasionally organize info sessions providing precise information about studying abroad in these countries, the requirements and procedures for admissions as well as necessary orientation (such as choosing schools, preparing documents, improving English skills, counseling the visa application, searching for the scholarships and financial aid, housing placement services and other supporting services). We also act as a bridge between students and parents, helping the communication between parents and schools during the period students studying abroad.

Education Fairs and Events

Organizing fairs & related recruitment events is the unsurpassedly efficient and most direct way to meet, talk, discuss and close the deal with prospective students. Nordics Education organizes a variety of education recruitment fairs, virtual education expo, webinars, information seminars or even coffee chats to lay ways for your institution and students to get in touch. Our variety of events makes it convenient for your institution to select what suit best for your needs and financial capacity. Our well-known Nordics Education Fairs are organized regularly with thousands of quality attendees in major cities and provinces in Vietnam. We also provide logistical assistance for educational event organizers in Vietnam, which FPP Edu Media, CollegeWeekLive & QS are our regular clients.

Marketing and Promotion

Making your institution well-known in Vietnam is essential for recruitment purposes. Any excellent program and facility will be good for nothing without people knowing them. Nordics Education with our extensive expertise in online, offline, social network and search engine marketing will surely bring your institution closer than ever to your target audience groups in Vietnam. Every marketing activity and/or campaign is carefully planned, implemented and monitored.

Logistics Arrangement

Having your promotional materials in Vietnamese/local language is the strongest way to make your institution stand out for prospective students, parents and agents. Prove yourself to be friendly and welcoming by giving them materials written in their native language. The road to the final decision point is cut much shorter when your institution is made available in an easy way for them. Nordics Education offers in-country translation, design, print, distribution and storage services. These are cost-effective solutions ensuring your recruitment success in this potential but competitive market.

In-Country Outreach Activities

Planning to expand your presence to Vietnam and other countries in Asia? With our strong partnerships with local high schools, universities, corporations and government agencies, we can help arrange matchmaking tours, school and institutional visits; and meetings with Vietnamese/local educators.

Nordics Education Recruitment Center (NERC)

This ambitious facility ensures the best chance for your school to turn an interested person into a student. NERC will act as your local recruitment office, serving Vietnam and the region, if desired. Nordics Education will assign/recruit an experienced staff dedicating full-time exclusively for your school to plan and roll out all the campaigns and activities, make frequent visits to potential schools, consult students and parents, recruit new students and assist them with their visa process. Nordics Education will also dedicate office space, equipment and stationery, hassle-free legal and administrative assistance.

English Training

Since May 2015, we have partnered with Kaplan Test Prep International to establish an exclusive Kaplan Certified Education Provider (KCEP) in Vietnam named Clever Academy. This business unit focuses on test preparation courses using Kaplan curriculum: SAT, ACT, SSAT, GMAT, GRE and other tests. Clever Academy also operates its online courses through the Vietdemy platform to better serve Vietnamese students nationwide.

Nordics Consulting Co., Ltd d.b.a. Nordics Education® is licensed by Hanoi Department of Education and Training and Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training for its overseas study advising service, decision number: 810/GCN-SGDĐT & 1071/GDĐT-TC, respectively, through a branching deal with VNIS Education.

Nordics Education, VNIS Education and Clever Academy are business units of VNIS Group, with shared resources of office space, human & capital.