Higher education in Denmark is regulated by the state. An ongoing evaluation process ensures that all programmes are of high international quality and relevance.

Danish educational institutions enjoy a high degree of autonomy but are required to follow national regulations in terms of teacher qualifications, degree structures and examination processes.

This ensures that all students in Denmark obtain an education of high international quality and relevance. Furthermore, many institutions have obtained international accreditation for their programmes.

All institutions of higher education in Denmark use the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), which facilitates international credit transfer. You will receive certificates or other types of official documentation for all completed courses. If you complete a full degree or a diploma programme you will receive a Diploma Supplement in English.

Your guarantee of a quality experience

All higher education institutions in Denmark have agreed to a set of ethical guidelines (Code of Conduct) for the recruitment, admission and education of international students. This is your guarantee that you will receive proper information, guidance and treatment as an international student in Denmark. The Code of Conduct applies to both exchange students and full degree students.

Code of Conduct for all Danish Universities, University Colleges and Danish Business Academies