Welcome to Finland! This country’s higher education system is one of the best in the world.

Finland has 13 universities and 22 universities of applied sciences, or UAS in short. These institutions of higher education offer more than 400 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, which all of them are taught in English. There are options for those interested in taking doctoral degrees as well.

An official government-issued report mentioned that there are over 20,000 international students studying in Finland.

What makes Finland one of the best options for studying in Europe is its generosity in offering scholarships for international students.

Let’s browse Nordics Education’s website for more information about STUDYING IN FINLAND!


Universities of applied sciences (UAS) are professionally oriented institutions of higher education. Working life & regional development are the two strong ties of these institutions.

Whereas, what makes Universities different are their focus in scientific research. In these research-based institutions, doctoral programs are also available.

Check out our list HERE for more information on these Finnish institutions.


Step 1: Choose Your Program of Study

  • Visit www.nordics.vn and search for the program you would like to apply. Our counselors are available to assist with school searching, based on your preference and background.
  • Visit that university’s website for more details and their most up-to-date information.

Step 2: Check Admissions Information

  • Make sure that you are ‘okay’ with the admission requirements of the program you chose above. Ask yourself questions like: “Am I qualified?”, “How many English study hours do I need more?”, “Would my high school GPA be high enough for application?”. Another important information to note: admission & application deadlines.
  • Again, Nordics Education’s counselors are always here to assist with your questions and guide you through the process.

Step 3: Program & Scholarship Applications

  • Once you feel you are ready for the application, then it’s time for it – the most important stage of the entire initial steps to success!
  • There may be separate applications – for the program and for the scholarships. But for most cases, the two applications can be completed at once on Studyinfo.fl.
  • Please start to prepare yourself and your family for the living expenses, and any other costs of your overseas study (including the net tuition fee amount you have to pay after scholarship deduction). Don’t let yourself be surprised at any time!

Step 4: Wait Time!

  • While step 3 is the most important stage, step 4 is instead the most stressful stage. You need to wait for universities to release the application decisions. Offered or rejected – prepare yourself!
  • Please note that you are only able to accept ONE OFFER PER TERM. This decision is binding, so let’s wait for all results to come out before making a decision. Make sure to follow the response deadline of each offer that they mention in the letter.
  • All information regarding your study can be found on the university’s website that you chose. Our counselors at Nordics Education are also available to help you with these information.

Step 5: Arrival Preparation

  • Nordics Education will ALWAYS assist you with (1) your student residence permit application; (2) housing; (3) insurance policies; (4) financial preparation; and any other items you need to fulfill before, during and after your arrival in Finland.

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