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Foreign students will be allowed to enter Norway from 1 August


The Government has decided that foreign students will be exempt from the restrictions on entry from 1 August. This means that foreign students who have been admitted to a study programme at a Norwegian school or higher education institution, will be able to come to Norway as planned.

– I would like to welcome foreign students in August. It was important for us to clarify this matter now to allow the students to start planning for their arrival. Even though students will be able to come in August, they will still be required to abide by the applicable rules regarding quarantine and testing, says Minister of Research and Higher Education Henrik Asheim. 

Foreign students have not been able to enter Norway since the Government introduced stringent restrictions on entry with effect from 29 January 2021. Improvements in the coronavirus situation and the fact that more and more people are being vaccinated makes it possible to ease the entry restrictions.

– I am pleased that we are now able to open up for foreign students, but we have not reached the finish line yet. Although the restrictions on entry are set to be eased, the students will still be subject to the rules concerning testing, registration on entry, quarantine and, if relevant, quarantine hotels, says Minister of Justice and Public Security Monica Mæland.

The ordinary rules regarding entry visas and residence permits in Norway still apply. This means that students who are admitted to a study programme at a school or higher education institution in Norway will have to apply for a residence permit from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration in accordance with the ordinary procedures before they can enter Norway. The applicable entry regulations introduced as a consequence of the pandemic are intended to protect Norway from imported infection and new mutations of the virus, and will vary depending on which country students arrive from.

The Ministry of Education and Research expects higher education institutions to cover the quarantine hotel expenses of foreign students who arrive in Norway for the first time.

The changes will take effect from 1 August.


Student Testimonials

  • “Living in Sweden has made me aware of the serious issues regarding climate change. And now I’m able to take actions to reduce my carbon footprint”

    Ebtisam, Student, Linnaeus University