If you are planning to do something totally different & life changing, something that makes you who you want to be, in ways you have never imagined before, then study in Sweden is your option!

Click on Sweden if you are:

  • A nature & outdoor lover
  • Willing to learn a new language
  • Matters like the environment, social issues like gender equality & LGBTQ+ rights, emerging technology & innovation etc.
  • Prefer to live in a safe environment, with clean streets & air
  • Easy to travel abroad by several means of transportation
  • Learn through debates, discussions, group work, practical exercises to develop critical thinking skill


Swedish culture

Sweden for nature lovers: If you are a nature lover, Sweden is perfect for you. Nature is everywhere, even in big cities like Stockholm. There are tens of thousands of lakes, 30 national parks and almost 4,000 national reserves. You can hike, fish and go camping almost everywhere.

Study in English: Most universities offer Swedish-language classes. The government even offers free Swedish lessons for foreigners, called SFI. But just so you know, Swedes also speak English really well. As a student, you can easily get by without speaking a word of Swedish. Over 900 master’s programmes are offered in English.

Gender equality, diversity and a progressive society are Sweden’s trademarks. They are part of Swedish culture and officially enshrined in law. In Sweden, you will have the freedom to be who you want to be and live how you want to live. Regardless of your identity, your gender and your sexuality. PS: did we mention the recent global survey in which women overwhelmingly voted for Sweden as the best country in the world to live in?

Your ideal weather: if you would like to experience four seasons when studying abroad, Sweden is your heaven. In Sweden, you’ll enjoy fall and its beautiful orange colours, as well as long, cold winters with great opportunities for winter activities. Then, for half the year it’s light and warm and the country is transformed. You’ll experience long summer days and the midnight sun.

Education & Student Life

Travelling is part of the study abroad experience. In Sweden, you’re just a train ride away from Norway or Denmark. Or why not take the ferry to Finland? The main Swedish cities also all have international airports. However, if you’re planning to travel intensively, be aware that Sweden has fewer travel connections than other countries, such as the Netherlands or France.

Your preferred way to learn: Sweden has a non-hierarchical society, where everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and form opinions. This means that when you study in Sweden, you’ll be encouraged to question what you learn. To argue and debate with your peers and lecturers. To really understand the why, what and how. If you are into critical thinking, you will fit right in here in Sweden!

University Rankings: if rankings are important to you – excellent! Sweden is home to some of the world’s top universities. The entire Swedish higher education system is ranked as one of the best in the world. Several Swedish universities are included in the Times Higher Education and QS World University ranking.

Your study budget: The cost of living in Sweden depends on your personal lifestyle and where you study. However, the average monthly budget is estimated to be around $925 (8370 Swedish crowns), including food and accommodation. If you have a smaller budget, you should perhaps consider another study destination.

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